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Violence against women is caused by male chauvinism. In islamic countries that comes from islam, and in the west from christianity

(38.44) And take in your hand a green branch and beat her (your wife) with It and do not break your oath; surely We found him patient; most excellent the servant! Surely he was frequent m returning (to Allah).

islam creates an atmosphere of male chauvanism in islamic societies. it specifically tells men that they are superior to women, and therefore they have the right to inflict violence on women:

qoran: "take a green branch and beat your wife with it"

In islamic societies, men batter and kill women with virtual impunity. In Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and other islamic countires, men kill their sisters and mothers if they are victims of rape ! In such cases the women are completely without fault ! They get attacked and raped, and THEY have to be punished for it ???

mohammad, the profit of islam, advocated female circumcision ! this is a savage and barbaric act, designed to deprive women of their sexuality, so that they will become sexual objects at the disposal of men.

In Hadith it is written that a woman who practiced female circumcision asked mohammad if she should continue. mohammad told her that she should contineu cutting young girls' sexual organs, because that would make them more favourable to their husbands !

We can see that mohammad was a misogynist savage barbarian !

In western societies, male chauvanism comes from christianity. the Southern Baptist church in the US declared a few years ago, that women are inferior to men, and wives have to obey their husbands and be submissive to them.

the reason that abuse of women has decreased in the west, and women have been given more of their natural rights, is that people have rejected the male chauvanistic and misogynist attitude of christianity. in the US, just like Afghanistan, women didn't have the right to vote. it was only in 1920 that the women's rights campaign succeeded in gaining the right to vote for women through the 19th amendement.

abuse and violence towards women comes from male chauvanism, and the male ego that thinks they are superior than women. This attitude is directly declared and supported by backward and stone-aged religions like islam and christianity and judaism.

misogynist verses in Bible:

Colossians 3:18;
Ephesians 5:22-24;
First Corinthians 11:3-16;
First Corinthians 14:33-35;
Titus 2:4-5;
First Timothy 2:11-15
Fist Peter 3:1-6

misogynist quotes from qoran:

"men are the keepers of women, because they are superior to them ..... beat them ...."

"take a green branch and beat your wife"

"women are the tilth of men. men can have sex with them anytime and anyhow they want"

"men can have as many female slaves as they want" (women captured in war)

without islam, and without its very large contribution to violence against women, the % of domestic violence will drop significantly and drastically.

hence the term "contributing factor". Without a "contributing factor", the contributed-to effect will diminish. just like it has in the west after the demise of the christian theocracy.

in the midle ages, when christian theocracy ruled over Europe, they used to burn women on the stakes. this practice had its roots in pre-christian paganism, but christianity, with its acceptance and condoning of male chauvinism, contributed to the continuaiton of this practice, right up to the Salem Witch trials !

now that the christian theocracy has been overthrown, women are no longer burned. However, in states like Louisiana, or in Southern Baptist church, male chauvanism still rules, and they contribute to abuse and violence towards women.

the same story is happening in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran. if the islamic theorcracy is destroyed in those countries, violence against women will also be drastically reduced.

Therefore, the 3 cousin religionsn of Judaism, Christianity, islam, DIRECTLY contribute to abuse and violence against women in societies in which those religions are dominant, and eradication of the theocracy of these religions will drastically reduce abuse and violence against women.

what contributes to violence against women in Japan ? something other than islam. but if you compare the level of violence in Japan to that in Afghanistan and Pakistan, you will see that in Japan violence against women is at a MUCH LOWER level, due to absense of islam.

the same thing goes for comparison of any non-islamic country with an islamic country.

general ignorance is another contribution of violence against women. but in islamic societies, that ignorance is caused by islam, and the violence towards women is caused DIRECTLY by islam : qoran: "take a green branch and beat your wife"

you replace islam with something else magically overnight, abuse of women will drop drastically, but it will not disapear.

First of all, if there is no Taleban in Afghanistan, abuse of women will drop by more than 50% ! Taleban are the most die-hard islamists, and they are the most misogynist savages. Therefore if they disapear, and if islam disapears, abuse of women will drastically diminish.

Islam does not respect democracy. islam is a militant and violent ideology. when islam falls into the hands of any government, the government will use force and violence to implement its own brand of islam. Therefore all democratic activities will be stifled by the islamist government. the islamist government will hinder efforts to educate women, and to improve their lives. islamist government will prevent women from traveling abroad to study (like Iran). islamist government will prevent women from wearing the type of clothes they want.

in absense of islam, democratic minded people and open minded people, will be free to educate women, and to educate men so that they will forget their male chauvanistic attitudes, and learn to repsect women as equals (which they are), and to put aside their stupid male egoes.

without such education, abuse of women will continue. islam prevents such education, and in fact makes things worst by making abuse of women OFFICIAL: "take a green branch and beat your wife", and it makes male chauvanism OFFICIAL "men are the keepers of women because they have been created superior...... beat them ..... "

islam DIRECTLY causes abuse and violence towards women, by SPECIFICALLY INSTRUCTING men to inflict violence on women.

Not only does islam DIRECTLY contribute towards violence against women:

qoran "take a green branch and beat your wife"

But it also is a DIRECT cause of ignorence, illetrecy, and brutal dictatorship of male chauvinism. Therefore islam creates a society that promotes violence towards women DIRECTLY and indirectly. If islam disapears, the DIRECT contribution to violence against islam will disapear:

no more beating of wives with green branches.

AND ignorance, superstition, dictatorship, and male chauvanism will be greatly reduced, and therefore the indirect causes of violence against women will also be elliminated.


"For example, in some Arab societies the only way to “cleanse” the family honor is to kill the “offending” woman or girl.A study of female homicide in Alexandria, Egypt, found that 47% of all women killed were murdered by a relative after they had been raped (190). At a recent conference in Jordan, experts from six Arab countries estimated that at least several hundred Arab women die each year as a result of honor killings (231)."


"At the societal level studies around the world have found that violence against women is most common where gender roles are rigidly defined and enforced (210) and where the concept of masculinity is linked to toughness, male honor, or dominance (95, 393). Other cultural norms associated with abuse include tolerance of physical punishment of women and children qoran "take a green branch and beat your wife" acceptance of violence as a means to settle interpersonal disputes, and the perception that men have “ownership” of women (210, 275, 310, 340)." qoran: "men are the keepers of women"

as we saw in the figure above, islam contributes DIRECTLY to violence against women, all the way from the level of the society at large, down to the individual abuser !

look at Nigeria, Bangladesh, Turkey, Egypt, Israel (palestinians and arabs). also look at Nicaragua, a very Catholic ==> chauvanistic, society. This proves the hypothesis of my title of this article

Table 1.
Physical Assault on Women by an Intimate Male Partner
Selected Population-Based Studies, 1982–1999

Region, Place
& Year of
Field Work
(Ref. No.)
Coverage Sample% of Adult Women Physically
Assaulted by an Intimate Partner
Size Popula-
AgeIn Previouse 12 MonthsIn Current Rela-
(in Any Rela-
Ethiopia 1995 (110)Meskanena Woreda673215+10h 45
Kenya 1984–87 (362)Kisii District612715+ 42
Nigeria 1993P (331)Not stated1,0001 31a
South Africa 1998 (235)Eastern Cape
Northern Provice
South Africa 1998 (281)National5,077215–496 13
Uganda1995–96 (33)Lira & Masaka Districts1,660220–44 41
Zimbabwe 1996 (464)Midlands Provice966118+ 17c
Australia 1996 (490)National6,3001 3c 8c
Bangladesh 1992 (407)National (villages)1,225 2 <5019 47
Bangladesh 1993–95 (422)Nasirnagar Thana3,6112 32
Bangladesh 1993 (255) Jessore & Sirajgonj (rural)10,368 215–49 42d
Cambodia 1996P (325)Phnom Penh & 6 prov.1,3743 16
India 1993–94 (233)Tamil Nadu
Uttar Pradesh
India 1995–96 (288)Uttar Pradesh, 5 dist.6,695415–65 30
India 1999 (496) 6 states9,938315–4914e 40/26f
Korea, Rep. of 1989 (253)National707220+38/12f
New Zealand 1994 (272)National2,000617+21g 35g
Papua N. Guin. 1982 (437)National, rural (villages)628 3** 67
Papua N. Guin. 1984 (366)Port Moresby (low income)298 3** 56
Philippines 1993 (323)National8,481515–49 10d
Philippines 1998 (57)Cagayan de Oro City & Bukidnon Province1,660215–49 26
Thailand 1994 (215)Bangkok619415–49 20
Moldova 1997 (410)National4,790315–447+ 14+
Netherlands 1986 (383)National989120–60 21/11a,f
Norway 1989P (403)Trondheim111320–49 18
Switzerland 1994–96 (383)National1,500220–606g 21g
Turkey 1998 (223)E and SE Anatolia599114–75 58a
United Kingdom 1993P (308)North London430116+12a 30a
Antiqua 1990 (200)National97129–45 30c
Barbados 1990 (494)National264120–45 30a,g
Bolivia 1998 (338)3 districts 289120+17a
Chile 1993P (268)Metro Santiago & prov.1,000222–55 26/11f
Chile 1997 (312)Santiago310215–4923
Colombia 1995 (337)National6,097215–49 19
Mexico 1996 (363)Metro. Guadalajara6503 15 27
Mexico 1996P (191)Monterrey1,064315+ 17g
Nicaragua 1995 (130)Leσn360315–4927/20f 52/37f
Nicaragua 1997 (163, 312)Managua378315–4933/28f 69
Nicaragua 1998 (386)National 8,507315–4912/8f 28/21f
Paraguay 1995–96 (76)Nat'l, except Chaco reg.5,940315–49 10
Peru 1997 (188) Metro. Lima (middle and low income)359217–5531
Puerto Rico 1995–96 (105)National5,755315–49 13b
Uruguay 1997 (440)Montevideo & Canelones545 2**22–5510g
Egypt 1995–96 (132)National7,121315–4916d 34b
Israel 1994 (197)West Bank & Gaza Strip (Palestinians)2,410217–6552/37f
Israel 1997P (196)Arab, except Bedouin1,826219–6732
Canada 1993 (378)National12,300118+ 3c,g 29c,g
Canada 1991—92 (367)Toronto420118–64 27a
United States 1993 (436)National 8,000118+ 1.3a 22a
Percentages rounded to whole numbers
"P" after year indicates the year of publication for studies not reporting the field work dates.
*Population of respondents:
1 = all women
2 = currently married/partnered women
3 = ever-married/partnered women
4 = married men reporting on own use of violence against spouse
5 = women with a pregnancy outcome
6 = all men reporting on own use of violence against partners
7 = married women; half with pregnancy outcome, half without
**Nonrandom sampling techniques used.
aSample group included women who had never been in a relationship and therefore were not in exposed group.
bRate of partner abuse among ever-married/partnered women, recalculated from author's data.
cAlthough sample includes allwomen, rate of abuse is shown for ever-married/partnered women (N notgiven).
dPerpetrator could be familymember or close friend.
eSevere abuse
rAny physical abuse/severe physical abuse only
gPhysical or sexual assault
hIn past 3 months

Compiled by the Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE) for Population Reports

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Table 2.
Approval of Wife-Beating
Percentage, by Rationale, Selected Studies, 1985–1999

Country & Year (Ref. No.) Respondents She Neglects Children and/or House She Refuses Him Sex He Suspects Her of Adultery She Answers Back or Disobeys
Brazil (Salvodor, Bahia) 1999 (348)M
Chile (Santiago) 1999 (348) M
Colombia (Cali) 1999 (348)M
Egypt 1996 (132)Urban F
Rural F
El Salvodor (San Salvodor) 1999 (348)M
Ghana 1999b (23)M
India (Uttar Pradesh) 1996 (319)M ———10–50
Israel (Palestinians) 1996c (195)M—287157
New Zealand 1995 (272)M115d1e
Nicaragua 1999f (386)Urban F
Rural F
Papua New Guinea 1985 (39)High school F
High School M
Singapore 1996 (83)M—5 33h4
Venezuela (Caracas) 1999 (348)M
F = Female
M = Male
Note: — indicates this question not asked
a"An unfaithful woman deserves to be beaten"
bAlso, 51% of men and 43% of women agreed: "husband is justified in beating" his wife if she uses family planning without his knowledge.
cAlso, 23% agreed "wife-beating is justified" if she does not respect her husband's relatives.
d"He catches her in bed with another man."
e"She won't do what she is told."
fAlso, 11% of urban women and 23% of rural women agreed "husband is justified in beating" his wife if she goes out without his permission.
g"She speaks disrespectfully to him."
hShe is sexually involved with another man."

Compiled by the Center for Health and Gender Equity for Population Reports