Khatami's lie of "dialogue of civilizations"

the UN has repeatedly legitamized the illegal and savage criminal regime occupying Iran, and has played along with their stupid games of "dialogue of civilization".

what dialoge ? what civilization ? the islamic savage regime is calling mass murder, stoning, lashing, public hanging, amputating, civilization ?

the islamic regime of khamenei and khatami are NOT the represesentatives of the Iranian people ! The UN must NOT recognize this criminal fascistic regime !

SHAME on kofi anan and the UN !!!

SHAME on kofi anan and the UN !!!

President Khatami to attend UN General Assembly meeting UNITED NATIONS (AP) Nov. 2 - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami will attend a U.N. General Assembly meeting next week to promote his proposal of "dialogue among civilizations."

Kofi anan, you call this civilization ?

is this what you got a peace prize for ?

SHAME on kofi anan !!! SHAME on the UN !!!

NANG bar akhoond !!!