Man or "God" ? Human Kind Holds its Morality and Destiny in its Own Hands.

By HamMihan

Recently a Moslem said to me: "What you "write" is in essence that God doesn't exist and man must hold its own destiny in its own hand. That is what those lunatics preached as philosophy [he was talking about Nietzche]."

I replied the following:

As far as you or anybody else has been able to PROVE, mankind has in fact held its own destiny in its own hands. The type of people that want to make people believe otherwise, are those who want to be dictators (King or priest/akhoond). So they tell people "you can't think for yourself. You must ask me for everything that you want to do". For example, Christianity tells people very literally: "you are sheep, and you must follow the shepherd".

If you want to be a goosfand and follow the choopan, that's fine by me. But as for myself, thanks, but no thanks.

It is a scientific fact that humans have evolved out of more primitive animals, who shared common ancestors with other primates (did you watch the PBS program on evolution?) Around 50,000 years ago the human brain, and therefore the human mind, developed the capacity to recognize itself as distinct individuals who could say "I", and "We". From that time onward, humans were able to comprehend who they are, and what their relations to other humans was. That is where rules of morality and ethics were recognized. Since humans have always been clan animals, those rules were dictated by a clan leader, and at some point along the evolution of humans (10,000 years ago?), they started to incorporate these rules into ideas of supernaturalism and mysticism and mythology. That was where religions started.

Now what is YOUR theory (based on absolutely zero facts) ? Your theory, from your "holly" book, is that "god" created the universe in seven days, and that the Earth is FLAT, and that the mountains hold up the sky, and that the moon is a lamp, and the sun sets in muddy water, and that women were created out of men's ribs, and that some old man built a ship that held every single creature on Earth, ........

Things are not looking too good for your theory !

This moslem then went on to tell me that no matter how much he tried to explain the Qoran to me, I would not understand, because "Allah" has made me "deaf". I went on to say:

As for what the Qoran says, "No matter how much you explain my message and no matter how much you advice the unfaithful to the truth of my message, "I have made their ears deaf and their eyes blind and their minds can not grasp my message".

That is the perfect way to brain wash a person like you. It is telling you that you have to believe in whatever you are told, and if anybody tries to argue with you logically and rationally, you must conclude that they have been "made deaf" by "god", and therefore you need not bother yourself with arguing with them. What a perfect way to brain wash somebody !!!

If "god" makes some people "deaf" to his message, then why should he send those people to hell ? Afterall it was "god" who made them "deaf", so why should the "deaf" people suffer the consequences ? And if "god" is all powerfull, then why doesn't he just make everybody good ? If the devil makes people bad, then "god" must not be more powerful than the devil. If "god" makes some people "deaf" so that they will get tricked by "devil", then why does "god" send those people to "hell" ? "God" seems to be a really mean creture, and certainly not "bakhshandeh va mehraban" !

You can't answer any of those questions with any logical and rational answers, that are based on EVIDENCE !

But all the antropological evidence shows that humans hold their own destinies in their own hands, they invent their own religions depending on their own culture (whether they are Australian aboregenes, Native Americans, Chinese, Europeans, or Middle Easterners), and at various times they go to war with each other over limited resources. There is no "god" in any of all that. If there is, PROVE IT !