Allah knows nothing about medicine: Islamic concept of "najjes" is stupid and unscientific

The Islamic concept of "najjes" is unscientific and primitive. It is based on a concept of cleanliness/dirtiness that is totally uninformed of the scientific fields of microbiology, epidemiology, and evolutionary biology.

Dirtiness can be defined in various ways. We might call something "dirty" if it has dust on it, or it has some junk stuck to it. for example our carpet may be "dirty", so we vacuum it. Something may be dirty, because something spilled on it. For example if we spill coffee on our shirt, our shirt becomes "dirty", so we wash it to get the stain off and make it "clean".

But the definition of dirty or clean that is relevant to matters of sanitation and human health, depends mainly on the presense of micro-organisms such as bacteria or viruses. Unless something is contaminated with microorganisms, it does not qualify as "dirty" as far as human health is concerned.

So, as the first example of why the Islamic concept of "najjes" is unscientific, we consider human urine. The urine of a healthy inidividual is completely free of bacteria or viruses. Urine is extracted directly out of blood by the kidneys, so if a person does not have an infection in their body, they will not have any bacteria or viruses in their blood, and therefore not in their urine either. The only bacteria that may be in urine, is that which was on the skin, just outside of the urinary tract. In that case, it would be the skin that was "dirty", and not the urine. Human skin always has some bacteria on it.

So, the islamic concept of "najjes" as far as urine is concerned is stupid. Urine is not inherently "dirty". it has potential for harboring bacteria and therefore becoming dirty, but it is not in and of itself dirty. But many other things have potential for harboring bacteria, and islam doesn't consider those as "najjes". The question realy is a matter of hygene and proper sanitation, NOT the inherent property of something being "najjes".

"Najjes" is just a primitive way of telling people that something has the potential for causing health problems. Just like when we tell little kids that something is "jizz", meaning its hot, so don't touch it. There is nothing scientific or medical about "najjes". In fact it shows the ignorance of "allah" (or rather, Mohammad and other authors of Koran) about microbiology and medicine.

Other things that the title "najjes" is attached to are pigs and dogs. Ok, so we can get the disease called trichinosis if we eat infected pig meat, and dogs can have the disease rabies. But so what ? All major human diseases have come from animals ! Those people who domisticated animals, developed the diseases such as measels, tuberculosis, smallpox, flu, pertussis, malaria. Those humans who did not domesticate animals, did not develope those diseases.

For example, people who lived in the American continents, didn't domesticate animals, and so they didn't develope any of those diseases. But Europeans had domesticated animals, and had acquired diseases from those animals. Therefore, when the Spaniards invaded the Aztecs and Incas, they wipped out more than 90% of them just by giving them Smallpox !

Genetic and molecular analysis has shown that the major human diseases have EVOLVED from bacteria or viruses that originally only infected domesticated animals. Measles, Smallpox, and Tuberculosis came from cattle (cows), Flu came from pigs and ducks, Pertussis came from pigs and dogs, and Malaria came from chickens.

If cows and chickens gave us those terrible diseases, why aren't they considered "najjes" ???

The reason is that arabs of 1400 years ago had not developed the proper science and technologies to raise and farm pigs in a clean and sanitary fashion as to ensure that they are not infected with trichanosis or other diseases. If we can farm and raise cows in a sanitary fashion, and if we can drink their milk (thanks to Pasteurization), then there is no reason why we can't farm and raise pigs in a clean and sanitary fashion also. There is nothing that is inherent to pigs that makes them "najjes". We inherrited terrible diseases from cows and they are not "najjes" ???

"Najjes" is just a primitive concept designed by and for primitive people. Modern humans who know microbiology, molecular biology, genetics, and modern farming and sanitation methods, do NOT need to bother themselves with stupid and primitive concepts like "najjes".

Things are not "dirty" by decree by "god". They are "dirty" only if they have bacteria or viruses in them, in which case we can boil liquids or disinfect solids with chemicals and kill the bacteria.