Iranian nationalism is Iranians' greatest weapon against akhoonds!

Those who attack and belittle Iranian nationalism, are Iran's enemies.

They dress up their propaganda in pseudo-intellectual and pseudo-historical blubber to hide their intentions.

Iranian nationalism is the love of Iran as a whole, with all of its diversities and richnesses. it is not a overzealous admiration for "persians". Mossadegh was a descendent of the Ghajar family, and was thus an Azeri. Sattar khan and Bagher khan were Azeri. These were our greatest nationalist heroes.

Tthose who attack Iranian nationalism and want to minimize it, are invariably supporters and lobbyists of the akhoond regime. they know that Iranians' nationalist rage and passsion for Iran is the most dangerous thing for them, and that is why they want to minimize such feelings in Iranians.

I agree with the Bahaii philosophy of internationalism and pan-humanism - I am a humanist afterall - but at this moment, Iranians' nationalism and passion for Iran is their best weapon against their enemies. There is also nothing wrong about having a passionate love for one's homeland.

I believe that the philosophy of Iranian nationalism should be the survival of Iran itself ! not only is our oil on the line, but the health and future of our youth, our economy, our territorial integrity !

Iranians are sick and tired of being ruled over by arab imperialism. 90% of Iranians don't do moslem prayers. more and more people visit Iranian national monuments instead of islamic imam zadeh koofto zahremar. more and more people buy jewlery with Iranian emblems instead of islamic ones.

The Iranian people are much more aware now than they were 150 years ago. they will not let another Torkaman chai to be forced on them and their country torn to pieces.
Iranian nationalist fervor will rise up once again and the children of Cyrus the Great will make Iran shine !

Payandeh bAd IRan !!! Payandeh bAd Iran-e Bozorg va Azad va tamamiye farzadanash, az Azarbayejan, ta Sistan va baluchestan !!!

Nabood bad regime setamkare eslami !!!


Author: Doostdar Posted: Wed Sep 19 12:21 PM

Dear valued friend HamMihan,

I am in full agreement with you that the love of one’s country need not be accompanied by the dislike of the world -- they are not mutually exclusive. I have, on several occasions, indicated that one can love his family and love his village, his city, his country and the world, all at the same time. The forms of love that go into each of the above units vary and the degree of attention that each receives must be commensurate with each. Yet, the love is there -- the constructive and cohesive force of love binds them all together.

The Baha’i position regarding love of one’s country is clearly stated in the passage below:

"The Faith is not opposed to the true interests of any nation, nor is it against any party or faction. It holds aloof from all controversies and transcends them all, while enjoining upon its followers loyalty to government and a sane patriotism. This love for their country the Baha'is show by serving its well-being in their daily activity, or working in the administrative channels of the government instead of through party politics or in diplomatic or political posts." -- LIGHTS OF GUIDANCE,pp.449-450.

Not only love of one’s country is not sanctioned, it is, in fact encouraged. The key provision is in the word “sane.” Baha’is are enjoined to exercise sane patriotism. Exercising sane patriotism allows the individualto serve his country without doing anything that would lead to the sort of destruction that rabid nationalism can cause.

We can love Iran and love it very deeply. Our love must express itself in serving it in any constructive way that each one of us is capable of so doing.

If my memory does not fail me, I recall, with great fondness, what you once wrote in response to our valued friend afreethinker. I believe that he wrote something to the effect that in free Iran, you should go and teach science at Iran’s institutions of higher learning. You responded that since you don’t have a higher (Ph.D.?) degree, you would rather go to the poor village children and teach them science at that level.

To me, this kind of humble aspiration to serve constitutes true worship [ebaadat be joz khedmate khalgh neest] -- worship is none other than service to humanity. Baha’u’llah affirms this saying by the statement: work rendered in the spirit of service to others ranks as worship to God.

You are 100% correct in saying that love of one’s country in no way excludes love of the world. That is the precise Baha’i position that our dear friends need to know about.

Dorood, Doostdar

Author: HamMihan Posted: Wed Sep 19 1:29 PM

My Dear Friend and Teacher Doostdar

Thank you SO MUCH for writing that wonderful post ! I am so glad that you clarified the position of the Bahaii faith on nationalism, and reafirmed that there is nothing wrong with loving one's homeland and wanting to protect it and serve it. I believe that with that post, you have defeated the evil plans of the enemies of Iran, whoes agents have been attacking Iranian nationalism on the BB, and misrepresenting the beliefs of Bahaiies in regards to nationalism, in order to reduce the power of the greatest weapon in the hands of Iranians for combating the criminal regime.

"sane patriotism" is indeed what JM and its supporters promote, and that is what our nationalism heroes such as Ferdowsi, Sattar Khan, Dr. Mossadegh, etc., practiced. Iranians will protect Iran from all atacks, be it arab invaders, English oil companies, or criminal akhoonds. ~ 1400 years ago arab invaders attacked our country, slaughtered our innocent people, burned our books, and forced their own ideology down our throats. Great Iranians like Ferdowsi, Khayyam, Razi, fought against their tyranny through their writings and works of art. 50 years ago British oil companies were stealing the natural resources of Iran, while giving "chender ghaaz" to Iranians in return. Dr. Mossadegh, our great national hero, kicked them out, and took the oil profits that belonged to Iran from them. For the last 23 years, Iran has been under occupation and attack again, and now it is time once more, for Iranians to rise up and regain their nationalistic fervor, and defend their homeland against the oppressive and criminal islamic regime that has been occupying it.

Once Iran has been freed from the claws of the savage Zahak and his mafia, we will all return there and help our people rebuild Iran into the great nation that it should be. Our sane natinalism and love for our country, leads us to want to give service to our people. We do not want unfair advantage over others, and we do not wish to oppress non-Iranians. But if racists call us "ajam" and attack us, we will defend Iran with all of our might.

I don't have a doctoral degree, but with two masters degrees, I think I can qualify for a position as "instructor" or "lecturer" at a university or college. But yes indeed, I think it is more important to help the poor and disadvantaged people of Iran, who have been deprived of real and modern and progressive education. It is these people who comprise the masses of the Iranian people, and it is they that we must focus on. If a certain poor and uneducated shagerd ghassab from outside esfahan (and thousand others like him) had had the proper education, and had developed a open and rational mind, he wouldn't have fallen victim to the akhoond mafia and become their mercenary and accomplice in crimes against humanity.

I look forward to the day when Iran is freed, and we can all go back and rebuild it into a modern and progressive nation that will continue its 3000 years of valued contributions to humanity.

Sepaas besiyar faravan va Dorood.