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Down with the criminal islamic regime occupying Iran !!!


Mohammad started a tradition of child rape by marrying a 9 year old girl

mohammad indeed RAPED ayeshe, because she was only 9 years old, was still playing with her dolls in mohammad's bed while he raped her.

a 9 year old child is NOT mentally and emotionally mature enough to give consent to sexual relations. This is a proven medical fact, and has nothing to do with cultural relativism or past or present conditions. Modern nations have recognized this fact, and have prohibited child marriages. The United Nations is working to eliminate such backward and harmful practices against women !

read this article by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights:

Fact Sheet No.23, Harmful Traditional Practices Affecting the Health of Women and Children.

Here are some excerpts:

"These harmful traditional practices include female genital mutilation (FGM); forced feeding of women; early marriage; the various taboos or practices which prevent women from controlling their own fertility; nutritional taboos and traditional birth practices; son preference and its implications for the status of the girl child; female infanticide; early pregnancy; and dowry price. "

"Child marriage robs a girl of her childhood-time necessary to develop physically, emotionally and psychologically. In fact, early marriage inflicts great emotional stress as the young woman is removed from her parents' home to that of her husband and in-laws. Her husband, who will invariably be many years her senior, will have little in common with a young teenager. It is with this strange man that she has to develop an intimate emotional and physical relationship. She is obliged to have intercourse, although physically she might not be fully developed. "

"Health complications that result from early marriage in the Middle East and North Africa, for example, include the risk of operative delivery, low weight and malnutrition resulting from frequent pregnancies and lactation in the period of life when the young mothers are themselves still growing. "

Not only is child marriage emotionally damaging to the girl, it is also PHYSICALLY damaging. The vagina of a 9 year old is NOT developed enough for sexual intercourse and child birth. I don't care what country she is from, or what culture she grows up in. It is a medical fact ! In countries that practice child marriages, such as in Africa, the medical condition known as RECTOVAGINAL FISTULA is very common. This is the tearing of the muscle wall that separates the rectum from the vagina. As a result, fecal matter leaks into the vagina, and causes horrible infections.

from the above article:

"An additional health risk to young mothers is obstructed labour, which occurs when the baby's head is too big for the orifice of the mother. This provokes vesicovaginal fistulas, especially when an untrained traditional birth attendant forces the baby's head out unduly. "

"Most rural areas throughout the developing world have disproportionately fewer health centres and clinics, trained midwives, nurses and doctors than urban areas. For most rural dwellers, health treatment must be obtained from traditional birth attendants (TBAs). Most TBAs have no formal training in health practices but acquire their skills via apprenticeship. These are skills passed down through generations of women. By observing a given situation, the TBA learns which remedy to use for which illness, or how to perform different kinds of delivery. If the situation changes, they try to adapt their knowledge and remedies and hope that that works. If things go wrong, however, supernatural explanations are given; blame is never attributed to the TBA. "

"According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than half the births in developing nations are attended by TBAs and relatives. Although these women have every good intention to assist their patients, mortality rates are higher in the rural areas where they operate. "

mohammad was a child-rapist, and so is any other person who follows the tradition set by the profit of islam.


"Intercourse at young ages, even when culturally supported, can be traumatic for girls. For example, when anthropologist Mary Hegland interviewed Iranian women living in the US about their sexual initiation in Iran, many recounted graphic stories of forced defloration. Often, relatives held a girl down while the man forced himself on her. The interviewed women used terms like “rape” and “torture” to describe their experience but said that the word “rape” would never be applied to these experiences in Iran because the sex took place within marriage (208)."