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Down with the criminal islamic regime occupying Iran !!!


Qoran, the book of DEATH !

See the truth about islam and its message:

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the following paragraph is from Iran Politics Club

"the greatest Persian Traitor, Salman-e Farsi who was an Ex Mazdaki (First Communists in The World) & after Persian Shahanshah arrested & executed Mazdakis, he fled to Arabia & became Muhammad The Arab Prophet's Left Hand. Salman practically adapted all The Brotherly Loved Theories of Mazdakism to Islam, Salman was a major Theoretician of Islam. Salman established the political Ideology of Islam. Muhammad with the help of Salman, Ali (4th Khalifat of Rashedin) & Abu Bekr (1sth Khalifat of Rashedin) wrote the Quran & practically stole most verses from book of Mazdak, Mitraism (ancient Persian Religion), Bible, Tora, & even parts of Avesta the holy book of Zaratushtra Spitmata, The Persian Philosopher. The rest of Quran is basically creations of his delusional epileptic schizophrenic mind or his opportunist charlatanism & con artist behavior depending on daily opportunism in Arabia. What Salman did to Iran, no other Persian ever done to Iran! Salman is the number one Persian Traitor, an opportunist who sold Iran to Arabs for personal & political reasons."

Contrary to the lies that akhoonds and islamists tell, Iranians did not give themselves up to the invading arabs easily. They did not want to be ruled by a mob of blood-thirsty desert nomads. The following list, is a non-exhaustive list of Iranians' uprisings against the invading arabs. Click on each item to see historical evidence for that event. All content is in Persian.
Another great site documenting the resistance of Iranians against invading arabs: Golshan Society

Evidence showing resistance of Iranians against invading arabs

An excellent source about islam:

Another excellent source about islam: