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Down with the criminal islamic regime occupying Iran !!!


Current Topics:


Islam and Qoran


Women's Rights

Skepticism and Humanism

Human Mind, Consciousness, Emotions, "Soul"


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Readers' Comments

Dear Hammihan: I enjoy read your articles and web pages. I dont think all persons can live without relgion. do you think it is productive to speak against relgion very much? Thank you for opening many persons eyes.
sincerely, Kambiz.

Dear Kambiz
Thank you for your letter. Yes I do believe that speaking against religion is productive, because religion and belief in supernaturalisms stem from irrationality and lack of logical thinking. As a student and practitioner of science, I cannot tollerate that type of thinking, and so I will speak against it. I do not consider myself at the same level as these great men, but Galileo, Bertrand Russell, Robert Ingersoll, Thomas Paine, and many others spoke against the hypocricies and lies of religion as well. Humanity has to move towards rationality and scientific thinking, and away from its primitive and irrational beliefs.
Best Regards.