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Down with the criminal islamic regime occupying Iran !!!


Terrorism: It has Everything to do with islam!

What the civilized world must do is NOT to go around bombing people and take revenge. The Arabs and Israelis have been doing that all along, and look where it has gotten them. What the civilized world must do is to fight the sick ideologies of these people, which tell them to "cause great slaughter among them" and "seek them wherever you find them and kill them".

It is Islam and its megalomaniac mass-murdering "Allah" that leads this people to kill in his name, so that they may go to "heaven" and eat and drink all they want, and have sex with "houries" and "pearly boys".

But the US and Europe are too cowardly! They know that the Arab/Moslem world is sitting on top of their oil, and they DON'T DARE attack the root cause of this problem ! They are TOO SCARED to piss off the Arabs by attacking their barbaric ideology, because their oil and multinational corporations and military-industrial complex are too important to them! More important than the lives of 5000+ people in NY or millions of people in the middle east!!!

So the world is suffering at the hands of two groups of people: greedy bastards, and self-rightous barbaric ass-holes!!! The greed for oil, money, and power will destroy Western civlization, just like it destroyed the Roman Empire. The intelligent and educated people of the world should have the intellecutal honesty and courage to stand up to the sick ideology of these people (Islam) and stop sucking up to the "Moslem leaders" who feed the lies that "it has nothing to do with Islam"!

It has EVERYTHING to do with Islam!!! "Smite them in the neck and cause great slaughter among them." And what happened? Hijackers used knives to cut the throats of stewardesses and pilots, and caused great slaughter in NY.

Instead of throwing bombs on their heads, fill the bookstores and radio and TV shows with facts and truths about the history of Islam. Get Ibn Warraq's books into the hands of every American and European. Get Ali Sina to talk on the radio. Get Arab and Iranian freethinkers to come on TV and talk about the barbarity and cruelty of Islam.

Rid the world of this sick ideology or they will "destroy your towns, and there will be no one to help you." (Qoran 47-13: "We destroyed their towns, and there was no one to help them.")