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Down with the criminal islamic regime occupying Iran !!!


ShiroKhorshid on Iranian Flag has no Sword !

"As Naser Engheta demonstrated, the sword was placed in the hand of the lion only after Islam invaded Iran. Originally there was no sword. Moreover the lion does not need sword and the sword cripples his movement. It would be nice to eliminate the sword altogether. There is a picture carved on stone that shows Mitra riding on a lion and the sun is rising from behind the lion. That was our original emblem."

"We are entering into a new era for our nation. People are no more attracted towards violence. Our new generation is a peace loving people. The sword does no more describe us. We are embracing our original Mitraic values and getting ourselves rid of violence that characterized our nation for 1400 years during the domination of Islam. In my opinion this change should also reflect in our flag and we should get rid of the sword that the Muslims brought to Iran."

"This is the flag of Iran as it was proudly displayed by our noble forefathers. The Islamic sword, the symbol of violence that crippled the majestic walk of our lion and impeded his advancement for 1400 years has no place in our flag. "

"Shirokhorsheed (lion and Sun) are the symbols of strength, majesty, splendor and glory. Shamshir (sword) is the symbol of war and violence. Our noble nation does no more subscribe to violence. Our flag should represent who we are. And we are a free people, self assured, glorious and majestic. We walk proudly like a lion and shine like the Sun illuminating the entire world with our culture, our humanistic values and our genius. (Thanks to Ostaad Nasser Engheta for his research on our flag and HamMihan for graciously accepting my request to take out the sword)"

"My fellow Iranian; Please copy this flag and display it in your site. Let the world know that Iran is no more an Islamic country."

Ali Sina