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Down with the criminal islamic regime occupying Iran !!!


qoran 47-13: "we destroyed their towns, and there was no one to help them"


In the year 620 AD, the prophet sent Khaled-ebn-valid to the Bani Hares tribe to make them become moselms, and emphasized that should they refuse to become moslems, he should make war with them. Khaled (who was famous for his massacres of the tribes of Arabia) reminded the leaders of the Bani Hares tribe to "convert to islam in order to remain alive". The leaders of Bani Hares, fearing the lives of their people, converted to islam, and went with Khaled to see mohammad. Mohammad emphasized to the representatives of the Bani Hares tribe that "if khaled had not written that you have converted to islam, I would have rolled your heads beneath your feet"

source: History of Tabbari [arab historian]
volume 4, pages 1256-1258


The slogans [I dont know the meaning of the first phrase] and "there is no obligation in religion" did not stop the prophet mohammad to summarily behead followers of other religions ("people of the book" [ie, jews]) for not converting to islam, such that in the case of the Bani Quraizeh tribe, after they surrendred following a war [with mohammad's army], it was ordered [by mohammad] that 900 of their men and youth be beheaded, and their property was taken as war booty, their women and children as slaves, and devided among the moslems. (1) Tabbari [arab historian] reminds us that "the prophet ordered that holes [mass graves] be dug in the ground, and "imam" ali and zobeir cut off their heads in mohammad's presense." [see picture below] (2)

In such wars, the moslem arabs did not even refrain from sleaping with [having sex] the married wives of the captured men, but ofcourse this was also permitted in the qoran.(3)

1) Nafaes-ol Fonoon by Shamseddin Mohammad Ameli, page 312; Montakheb-ol Tavarikh by Haj Mohammad Hashem Khorasani, page 54; Parto Eslam by Ahmad Amin, volume 1 page 117; Tarikh Tabbari, by Tabbari, volume 3 pages 1088-1091
2) Tarikhk Tabbari, volume 3 page 1093
3) qoran 4:24

"the prophet ordered that holes [mass graves] be dug in the ground, and "imam" ali and zobeir cut off their heads in mohammad's presense."


Today majority of terrorists are of Moslem origin and they obviously get the inspiration from their so called holy prophet. Mohammad was the one who started terrorising the political enemies during his time with the same methods used today by molsem terrorist. He also got help in form of revelation from Allah.

[al-Baqarah 2:191] And kill them wherever you find them...

[al-Ma'idah 5:33] The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land.

[an-Nisa' 4:89] ...Choose not friends from them till they forsake their homes in the way of Allah; if they turn back then take them and kill them wherever ye find them.

Here is the short list of people who got assassinated by Mohammad's terrorist:
1- Salam Ibn Abi-Alhaghigh one of Mohammad's enemy who got assassinated by AbdAllah Ibn Atiik. When Mohammad received the news of killing he stood and said Allah o akbar, Allah o akbar
2- Assassination of Khaled Ibn Sayan Khadli was carried out by AbdAllah Anis ordered by Mohammad.
3- Assassination of Sholim was carried out by Khalje ordered by Mohammad, Khalje set also fire to Sholim's house.
4- Assassination of Rafate Ibn Ghies was carried out by AbdAllah Ibn Jadr ordered by Mohammad. AbdAllah Ibn Jadr cut his head to Mohammad's delight.
5- Assassination of Yasrem Ibn Barzam was carried out by AbdAllah Ibn Ravahe ordered by Mohammad.
6- Assassination of Abu Anak was carried out by Salem Ibn Umiier ordered by Mohammad. Abu Anak was a Arab poet and wise man who have had servral peoms about Mohammad ridiculing him.
7- Assassination of Asma daughter of Marvan also poet, was carried out by Umiier Ibn abbdi ordered by Mohammad.
8- Obaarze was killed by Zobiar.
9- Fartna and Ghoriibe two women poet were also assassinated.
10 - Hane daughter Attabe and Sare Mulat daughter of Hashem.
11 - Kaab Ibn Ashraf crried over those boddies Mohammad has thrown in a well in battel of Badr. Kaab insulted Mohammad many times in public. He was killed by four man in Kaybar.
12- Umar Ibn Amieh was sent to kill Abu Sofian but was not successful in his mission. He killed two other people not to go back empty handed.
13- Abu Ezate Alhajmi was kidnapped by a group. He was brought to Mohammad and was beheaded infront of everybody, including Mohammad, the holy prophet.
14- Nasr Ibn Hares was captured and was beheaded by Ali(shah-e mardan:) himself.

Yazdgerd III