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Down with the criminal islamic regime occupying Iran !!!


declaration: Blind irrational faith in a man-made religion. Give up your own powers of thought, and believe in whatever "allah" says, like Earth is Flat, and "beat your wife with a stick"

ritual prayer: Anything that is ritualistic by compulsion, is a tool of brain washing. Bending up and down five times a day has nothing to do with being a good human being. The time spent bending up and down could be used to work, to perform charitable activities, to read, to study. Meditation and relaxation can be good for health, but they don't have to be a duty to perform ritualistically.

Fasting: Prolonged fasting is bad for human health ! It leads to hormonal imbalances, ulteration of sleep cycle, mood disturbances, irritability, inability to work, problems with digestive system (empty stomach all day, and then a big meal at night)

Giving to the Poor: Charity and generocity should be done willingly, not out of duty. If somebody is kind to me, only because they fear "punishement from god", or because they expect rewards in "heaven", their kindness is totally worthless for me.

pilgrimage: A ritualistic circling around a bunch of black stone has nothing to do with being a good human being. It is a total waste of time. Throwing stones at "devil's house" is completely stupid ! These are man-made objects, and worshiping them or throwing stones at them is stupid and backward. Those who keep and control the Ka'beh, made this prilgrimage into a duty, so that they could make money out of all the tourists (pilgrims) who would come there !

The pilars of islam:

Kill your opponents, make women into your sexual objects, brain wash your followers with useless mind-numbing rituals, make your followers donate their money to your foundations thinking that they are givign to poor, when in fact they are giving it to you, make your followers come to your tourist attraction and pay you money.