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Down with the criminal islamic regime occupying Iran !!!


95% of qoran is useless

If you go through the Qoran, you will find very few verses that actually give any moral guidance, and instructions for living, that we find agreeable and valuable. 90% of qoran is just "allah is great" and "you must worship allah, otherwise you will burn in hell". That is hardly considered moral guidance !

Another 5% of qoran is "cut their hands and feet off"(Qoran 5:33) "cause great slaughter among them" (Qoran 47:4), "take a green branch and beat your wife" (Qoran 38:44), "your wives are like farm land and you can plow them anytime you want (Qoran 2:223)", and other such reprehensible and morally repugnant statements.

That leaves 5% of Qoran that says things like "treat your wife kindly" and "give alms to the poor" and other such "good" things.

Well, we can find a lot more indebth and enlightened and usefull moral guidance in many other books, some of which even PREDATE the Qoran ! Zoroastrianism for example, has all the moral principles that one would need for guidance. Islam brought nothing new !

So basically, the majority of Qoran is useless, and there is hardly any real lessons and guildlines of morality like "don't rape, don't beat up women, don't kill people". In fact in many instances Qoran tells Moslems to do the exact opposite !

Qoran is just a bad book. It is useless. What is the point of revising a bad book, when you can just go and read a good book ? At least that way you will have control of your own morality, decisions and actions, and you can justly be held accountable for them. Just remember: Pendareh Neek, Goftareh Neek, Kerdareh Neek (Persian for "Good Thoughts, Good Speech, and Good Actions"). Leave the Houries and pomegranates for the desert nomads. (Houries - virgins - and pomegranates are promised rewards for moslems in heaven. Qoran 44:55,44:15, and 52:19)